Fly Extermination: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens

Fly Extermination: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens
Flies are persistent invaders, and can adversely affect many businesses, Whether you are in the food, hospitality, or medical industry, controlling, if not eradicating flies should be a critical part of your pest management program.


Diptera 6 – 7 mm. (2.4 – 2.8 inches)

Thousands of species of flies exist in the world, but thankfully only a few became true household pests. The species to look out for are the House fly (Musca domestica), the Stable Fly (Stomoxys calcitrans), the Face Fly (Musca autumnalis), the Little House Fly (Fannia canicularis) and various species of the Blow Fly, (Particularly the genus Lucilia.)

Like cockroaches, flies carry harmful disease-causing bacteria and viruses from breeding hundreds of eggs in decaying organisms, filth, garbage, food and moist animal waste. Their growth and metamorphosis from maggots (larvae) to adult flies occurs remarkably within 7 days. Flies feed off where they breed and will also eat animal carcasses, fresh fruits, vegetables, and fermenting liquids such as beer, vinegar, ciders and wine.

Food contamination and Diseases spread when flies liquify and regurgitate their foods. Flies re-infest quickly. Using proper cleaning and sanitation methods and calling ALL-CITY Fly Extermination can break the cycle by attacking the spots where they eat and breed.

ALL-CITY Fly Exterminators will inspect your property for any breeding areas, and point out any weaknesses or entry points for flies to infiltrate. Our technicians will apply best solution(s), whether trapping, baiting or eco-friendly insecticide. ALL-CITY Fly Extermination saves businesses and homes much expense and time wasted in failed DIY attempts. Fill out our contact form or give us a call to receive competitive price quotes. We’ll be there within Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens in two hours or less — 24/7.

ALL-CITY Fly Extermination will help keep your environment disease free, and help maintain the image of confidence and cleanliness that your customers expect.